Born in Paris, with a family background from both Belgium and Germany, Valerie grew up within a French culture before beginning a life of travel which took her throughout Europe, Africa, and the United States; having lived in Sydney for the past 16 years, she now calls it ‘home’.

Valerie loves any opportunity to personalize a style and colour palette for each individual guest who enters her world, having had twenty six years of experience in the industry; her passion for colour is as strong today as it was when she first began her apprenticeship in Europe.
Valerie possesses confidence in her abilities, and will listen to you – and support you – through a change of style and colour with a sympathetic appreciation for every individual’s needs.
Creating balance within her life is a strong foundation for Valerie’s success, as she meditates on a daily basis, communes with nature as often as possible, has a strong martial art background (karate/tai chi), and is also an instructor in kickboxing. Two years ago she completed a Hair Dressing Management Certificate in order to further increase her knowledge of how best to serve her guests and team members.
Valerie’s gentle and kind nature will seduce you and take you to another world.